Ingenuity Bridge Company

The Ingenuity Bridge General Contracting Company Ltd. was established in the year (2001) as Construction Company; The Company extended its activities to accompany other kinds of contracting companies, then they qualified to classify as a first Grade state company in

construction, Mechanical & Electrical Contracting works, we have excellent experience through wide range of contracts throughout the country.

The company has its qualified staff of an expert engineers, supervisors & technician teams; and heavy machinery &equipment owned by the company.

This company has the ability to provide all equipment, manpower, construction materials, and experience required to meet the plans and specifications as well as the ability to provide the required Engineering support.

This company is ready to submit is services in any part in Iraq like:

  • Executing all kinds & types of Piling works for foundation of Bridges, Building, power plant, multi-storey buildings, and also testing piles such as ( static, Dynamic, Integrity…..etc.) tests.
  • General concrete constructions: such as Pre-Cast Piles & Pre-Cast units for all Kinds of Civil & construction works and piling foundation, multi-storey buildings, warehouses, cast in situ & prefabricated Concrete works.
  • Earth works (cut/fill), and executes new embankments.
  • Supplying all kinds of ready mix concrete, with the required specification
  • Construction of Concrete Structures for (Bridges, Concrete Girders & Box Culverts).
  • Pavement work for both flexible & rigid pavements.
  • Transportation Projects; this includes railway lines, and rail structures signals etc.