ITECO Industrial Techniques Engineering Electromechanical Company

Established in Amman/Jordan in the year 1994, ITECO had started its operations in the designed production of basic electrical distribution and control panels depending on its in-house Capabilities backed up by its motivated and dedicated team of professional engineers, Technicians and highly skilled workers. They have extended and flourished their capabilities to offer reliable and dependable products through conducting an elaborate research on the Materials and components used in the Manufacturing process and looking after best Quality and safety measures. All of the products are designed, developed and Type tested in accordance with the latest Applicable IEC and BS standards to ensure optimal performance of the products and to meet the expectations of the customers for Quality and budget.

Design & Quality:

Design & Quality:
As an ISO certified company, continued quality is a trade mark of ITECO products. Their professional team of engineers and technicians work continuously towards designing and producing of world-class products. Total quality assurance system and control measures are adapted to maintain quality in all stages of the manufacturing process from the procurement of the raw materials to the delivery of finished products. ITECO products are all designed in accordance with the relevant IEC and BS standards to adapt customer requirements and specifications. A team of designers work on the verification and evaluation of these designs to ensure quality, reliability and competitive cost. We have a well developed quality test laboratory equipped with the latest test equipment, all periodically calibrated, to test products for insulation, resistance, tripping and all other quality parameters.

Among the Middle East Region ITECO, an ISO 9001:2008 Certified, Siemens Licensed, Simoprime and ABB OEM UniGear ZS1 and ZS3, Today the company is rated on of the best factories in designing and manufacturing of Various types of distribution and control panels Low voltage (LV), medium Voltage (MV) and High Voltage (HV) up to 132 kV switchgear. they are Professionals’ in manufacturing Package substations compact up to 36 kV and mobile substation of 33/11 kV-66/20 kV-132/11 kV, 132/33 kV, 132/33/11 kV from Siemens and ABB technology. ITECO is the first company in the Middle East to produce Mobile substation with three winding transformer Technology (132/33/11 kV) in the region. On the other hand they manufacture Motor Control Center (MCC), Drawable Motor starter, packages of low voltage motor control starter & Medium Voltage (3.3 kV, 11 kV, 33kV) and wide range of many other products such as:

 - 132 kV switchgear AIS or GIS.

-12 kV & 36 kV Ring main Unit with metering panel.

-12 kV & 36 kV Package substations.

-12 kV & 36kV Distributing panels

-12kV & 36 kV Switchgear.

-Power factor correction equipment for low & medium Voltage.

-Motor control center (MCC).

-Protection Realy Panel.

-Communication & measuring Panel.

-Testing equipment for substation and cable fault location.

-Remote Control Panel for power transformer and switchgear.

- Safety equipment for network and substation.

-MIMIC Operation Panel.

-Earthing system.